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11/23.11:23: ayame's A new plant(496) bloomed.
11/22.11:11: ayame's A new plant(495) bloomed.
11/22.10:09: ayame's A new plant(494) bloomed.
11/21.09:48: ayame's A new plant(493) bloomed.
11/20.13:12: linlin's A new plant(699) bloomed.
11/20.07:52: ayame's plant A new plant(492) was kept in the album.
ayame turned the slot. The result of present for all members?
Let's confirm the message in your Garden.
11/19.23:01: ayame's A new plant(492) bloomed.
11/19.21:26: linlin's A new plant(703) bloomed.
11/19.21:09: linlin's A new plant(689) bloomed.
11/19.20:30: linlin's A new plant(694) bloomed.
11/18.22:04: linlin's A new plant(674) bloomed.
11/16.12:24: linlin's A new plant(678) bloomed.
11/16.12:05: linlin's A new plant(677) bloomed.
11/15.22:42: ayame's A new plant(491) bloomed.
11/15.10:11: linlin's A new plant(672) bloomed.
11/15.00:25: ayame's A new plant(490) bloomed.
11/14.23:02: linlin's A new plant(670) bloomed.
11/14.21:27: ayame's A new plant(489) bloomed.
11/13.23:27: ayame's A new plant(488) bloomed.
11/13.15:27: linlin's A new plant(667) bloomed.
11/12.10:37: ayame's A new plant(487) bloomed.
11/11.20:52: linlin's A new plant(664) bloomed.
11/09.21:03: linlin's plant haruka9 was kept in the album.
linlin turned the slot. The result of present for all members?
Let's confirm the message in your Garden.
11/09.19:25: linlin's A new plant(663) bloomed.
11/08.10:04: ayame's A new plant(486) bloomed.
11/07.14:29: ayame's A new plant(485) bloomed.
11/07.09:08: ayame's A new plant(484) bloomed.
11/06.20:57: linlin's A new plant(657) bloomed.
11/06.17:39: ayame's A new plant(483) bloomed.
11/05.19:12: linlin's A new plant(645) bloomed.
11/04.21:51: ayame's A new plant(482) bloomed.
11/03.18:48: linlin's A new plant(640) bloomed.
11/02.13:31: linlin's A new plant(624) bloomed.
11/02.10:37: linlin's A new plant(631) bloomed.
11/01.02:54: ayame's A new plant(481) bloomed.
10/31.11:18: linlin's A new plant(638) bloomed.
10/31.11:04: ayame's A new plant(480) bloomed.
10/31.05:07: linlin's A new plant(630) bloomed.
10/30.17:10: ayame's A new plant(479) bloomed.
10/30.12:17: ayame's A new plant(478) bloomed.
10/29.11:00: ayame's A new plant(477) bloomed.
10/28.10:02: linlin's A new plant(616) bloomed.