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How to register account
A registration window appears when a new registration button is pushed.
Necessary items are inputted, and it clicks on the [Registration] button.
It confirms that input is right, and clicks on the [Registration] button because a confirmation window appears when there is no input omission and so on.
Registration is completion with this.
And, even the rest can be changed except for the nickname.
The upper limit of the user registration number
Asks for one person per one user.
(The limitation of the number is changed according to the load conditions of the server one after another)
When a password was forgotten
A new password is sent to the E-mail address which it registers for when an E-mail is transmitted to the manager.
When it doesn't register, a mail address can't be sent. Approve it in advance.
The change of the account and the way of erasing it
Clicks on this because a "registration information change" button appears in the user command when you log in.
The point which you want to change when registration information is changed is rewritten, and it clicks on the [Registration information change] button.
When a user is erased, you click on the [User information erasure] button.
All the information about the user is erased from the server(But, it is left in the news.....)。
About the account deletion and the unlawful act
・As for the user with no constant period log-in, account is deleted without notice to the said person.
The rest time to the deletion is indicated on the leftmost part of the user choice list window of 「The plant album」.
・Account is deleted without the user who does a dishonest act announcing the play that an illegal act and a bug were abused.
・A manager doesn't assume all responsibility in the legal responsibility such as an actual illegal act.
・Even if inconvenience happens in the computer of the use and so on, a manager doesn't assume that responsibility at all in the practice of the game.
・The crash of this server, when data disappeared with a bug of others program and so on, a manager doesn't assume that responsibility at all.
・Write in the bug report and the question without reserve to the bulletin board.
・Tell a dishonest act and so on to the manager when it is discovered.
The purpose of the game
A plant is raised well, and it is a purpose to collect many kinds of plant in the album.

All plants have the nature of the flower, the stem and the leaf separately, and each is combined, and it becomes one plant.

If it gets accustomed, it is made to do crossbreeding well with its plant and a plant of the flower field, the plant of other users and self-pollination, and it will begin to make the flower of the original combination bloom.
Let's tell it to other users with a bulletin board if the plant of the beautiful combination is made.

And, the combination of the leaf, the stem and the flower which have been already the most suitable for the plant, is registered.
These are said as 「The pure plant」, and it can look up that combination in the plant illustrated book.
Be good, and crossbreeding should have it, and collect these plants by all means because these flowers are kept in the album 「So cool !」.