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How to play
How to proceed
A plant is raised with keeping three graduations of the solar graduation, the nutrition graduation and the watering-pot graduation in blue.
Let's make it do other flowers and crossbreeding if it blooms.
It can get the seed of the plant which inherited parents' nature.
The plant that crossbreeding was finished is kept in the album, and a collection can have it.

And, an original name can be given to the plant before it is kept in the album.
A name can be changed when a favorite name is inputted to the text box on the flower image and it clicks on the [Naming] button.
When it clicks on the image of the plant, a parents' plant can be confirmed in another window.
But, it isn't indicated when parents' data don't exist.
It can follow an ancestor's plant by clicking on the image of the plant.

※When growth promotion medicine is used, it comes to bloom at the time of usual 1/2.

Evaluation is indicated in the plant of the stage when a flower bloomed.
Evaluation copes with each of the evaluation of the stem, the leaf and the flower though it is divided into the healthiness, the smell and the beauty.
Synthetic evaluation is (healthiness + aroma + beauty ×2) ÷4.
Synthesis is evaluated by the beauty emphasis.
The price of the seed and an appraised value are decided by the synthetic evaluation.

It is made to do pollination (crossbreeding) with the plants besides the album and itself, and a seed can be taken. But, it may fail in crossbreeding.
And, it can hold in the fifth rank only to two seeds.
Basic operation (When it is grown.)
Each graduation is moved to the following, and it raises it.

・Watering-pot graduation
The condition of the water is shown.
Graduations are increasing when it clicks on the [Water is given to it] button.

・Nutrition graduation
The condition of the soil is shown.
「Manure」 is bought in the gardening store, and [Use] and graduations increase.

・A solar graduation
The sunlight conditions of the plant are shown.
It is the graduation that adjustment is the most difficult.
There is time to move in "the inside of the house" "the outside of the house" in the plant. It falls down when it is mistaken though a graduation rises naturally when that is right.
When a place to put it is changed, it can be changed with a [A place is changed] button.
It is raised if it is left outside fundamentally at first.
If it begins to fall down, it is put in the house.
Put it outside again if you begin to fall down even if you put it in the house.
It is the repetition of this.
These are comparatively expensive though it can ascertain which you have only to put it on when soil test paper or a soil analysis kit is purchased in the gardening store and used.

If each graduation is kept in blue,
it grows to be order of seed-> bud-> leaf-> growing period-> flower bud-> flowering.
But, growth stops when either graduation becomes yellow and red. Then, when a graduation disappears, it dries up.
It doesn't need to give a plant after flowering water and nutrition.
Basic operation (When it blooms)
When it blooms, a [pollination work] button and a [It is kept in the album.] button appear.

・[Pollination work] button
When it clicks on this, a [Self-pollination] button
and a [It is chosen from the album.] button appear more.
When it is made to do crossbreeding by that plant itself, it clicks on the [Self-pollination] button.
The plant of a variety grows once in a while though the fundamentally same plant grows when the seed made of self-pollination is raised.
It costs only fifty yen in case of self-pollination though it costs a crossbreeding fee when it is made to do crossbreeding.
When it is made to do crossbreeding other plants, it clicks on the [It is chosen from the album.] button.
When it clicks on this button, the button which chooses a user appears.
The user who has the plant which you want to pollinate is chosen, and the plant which pollinates it from the album is chosen.
Then, it is made to do crossbreeding with a [It pollinates it] button.
Though it costs a crossbreeding fee at this time, a crossbreeding fee is paid to the user of the crossbreeding-partner.

And, crossbreeding is made in the flower field, too.
A crossbreeding fee is set up in the maximum though it always prepares for many plants in the flower field. Therefore, crossbreeding in the beginning may not be made.

・[It is kept in the album.] button
The plant raised when it clicked on this is kept in the album.
When it is kept in the album, a new seed again can be planted in the flowerpot which became empty.
When it is kept in the album, you can get an appraised value to that plant.
An appraised value is the price of ten times of the synthetic evaluation.
And, you get money that the seed of self-pollination was sold automatically in the shop even if crossbreeding isn't done to the number of maximum though the number of seeds to have by rank is decided.
Therefore, you had better reduce seeds on hand as much as possible when it is kept in the album.
The next plant is raised with the money which it got.
Rank rises when the number (the number of aggregate) of the plant kept in the album reaches the number of constants.
The number of seeds which you can possess when rank rises can increase, and it can have more than one flowerpot.