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How to make a plant according to imagination
The story (Heredity is simulated.) of the gene
Until it blooms, it doesn't know what kind of flower blooms.
This game is being made so that a parents' gene may be succeeded to by a descendant by the behavior which is close to the reality.

One plant has each ten genes with 「Incredible Plants」.
Five are succeeded to from father in this, and the rest of the 5 is succeeded to from mother. (Father or mother doesn't know which.)
And, five genes chosen in ten genes at random when a descendant is left are taken over by a child.
(Because of this, even if it is the plant which was born of the same parents, it is decided that the plant that an appearance is different in case of most grows.)

Information is on in one gene,
・Which part of the stem, the leaf and the flower is it?
・What kind of looks are they? (In other words, which image is it?)
・How many points are scores?

A plant has the gene which shows three nature of the flower, the stem and the leaf. Then, at least necessary genes are three because each is combined and it becomes one plant.
(The combination of most suitable the flower, the stem and the leaf is on the plant illustrated book.)
Because one plant actually has ten genes, only three appear in it before long, and the rest of the 7 is the gene which hid.
These 7 genes are crossbreeding to other plants, some genes are taken over a child, parents have the possibility that the nature which doesn't appear appears to the child suddenly.

The gene whose score is lower appears in the table.
Therefore, a hiding gene is necessarily rare, and shows a tendency of becoming the gene whose score is high.

A gene has dominance and recessiveness.
A score shows a tendency of being high as much as a rare flower. A score shows a tendency of being high as much as a rare flower.
For example, 200 points of a rare flower gene (recessive heredity) is taken over from one parent. And 100 points of flower bloom when 100 points of a flower gene (prepotency) which were common from more one parent is taken over.
In other words, when the high score plant and the low score plant were crossbreeding, the probability that the low score flower blooms rises.
But, though 200 points of rare flower genes don't appear outside, It decides to have it as a gene which hid.
You must make the child plant which succeeded to 200 points of a flower gene from the parents to make 200 points of flowers bloom in this case.
Self-pollination is effective to make the gene for which to hide expressed.
Self-pollination is the management which its plants are crossbreeding itself.
When they are crossbreeding, because half of the genes are taken over from the parents. When parents have 200 points of hid genes, the child who has both 200 points of genes to 4 times in the probability of 1 time is born.
But, the same flower blooms in 3/4 of the probability....

The possibility of self-pollination that so same the flower blooms is high. But, the opportunities when a hiding gene expresses it increase comparatively, too.
When you want to make rare plants, you may be good when it makes self-pollination.
The story of pollination and crossbreeding fee
A plant can be crossbreeding with the flower in the album except for the self-pollination as well.
It costs a crossbreeding fee to make it crossbreeding.
A crossbreeing fee is fifty yen when it is made to crossbreeding with the plant which one owns.
When it is made to crossbreeding with the flower of other users, you must pay the crossbreeing fee which a user set up.
When it can crossbreeding, a new seed can be taken.
But, the number of seeds to have at a time by user's rank is decided.
For example it can have only two seeds in the fifth rank.

Crossbreeing is to be finished, and keep the flower which can take a seed in the album.
(It is kept automatically in the album when four days pass after flowering even if it isn't done by yourself.)When it is kept in the album, you can get a reward(an evaluation reward) corresponding to the evaluation of the plant.
The plant kept in the album can set up a crossberrding fee.
The biggest pollination fee is set up by the default.(A maximum pollination fee rises as much as a rare plant.)
A user can set up a price from fifty yen during the maximum pollination fee.
You had better set up this price as low as possible so that the first time may earn a pollination fee.
It is good when a price is set up high when it wants to take only your plant by all means.
Various flowers will be made to bloom !
A flower in the illustrated book will be made to bloom !
A reward becomes "five usual times" when the flower which is on the plant illustrated book is raised.
Make it crossbreeding well with other plants, and let the flower which is on the illustrated book bloom.
These flowers are kept in the album "cool".
(A pure plant can't crossbreeding.)

An eccentric flower will be made to bloom!
The flower which is from the seed picked up and which doesn't grow sometimes blooms as a secret plant.
Though it exists, as for these, it usually knows that it isn't expressed easily with recessive heredity as a gene.
As for such a gene, the possibility expressed while pollination is piled up rises.
The possibility of the flower as well whose evaluation is high to be born with the self-pollination is high.
When a secret plant blooms, 秘 mark appears in the album.