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FAQ(The question which it often has, and that answer.)
Q. Teach me how to increase money.
A. There are some methds to increase money.

First, when the plant raised to the flower is kept in the album, it can get the money of ten times of the evaluation of the plant.
(※When the plant of the plant illustrated book blooms, you can get that money of 'five times' more.)

The evaluation of the plant changes by the kind of the gene.
There will be a plant that a cheap cossbreeding fee is set up though evaluation is high when the album of other people is seen, too.
It is made to crossbreeding with such a plant, and it is the shortcut of No.1 to save money to raise the high plant of the evaluation.
That crossbreeding fee can be won when it is pollinated by other users in the plant of its album in the opposite direction.
It is decided that a crossbreeding fee will include many crossbreeding fees when a rare flower is set up cheap because it can be set up by yourself.
And, money can be increased even if the seed gathered from the plant which made a flower bloom is sold.

Moreover, you get other tools if you are lucky when a stereo system set is bought and used.
(It is careful of the stereo system set because there is a case that it breaks when you have bad luck.)This is sold, and you can get money, too.
("Incredible Plants" of the version with no stereo system set exists, too.)

Q. Is this seed planted soon though a seed was picked up? Should I plant it?
A. You doesn't care about "the seed picked up" even if it isn't planted.

The seed of the plant can be planted when a flowerpot is empty or when the plant of the flowerpot dies.
When it tries to plant a seed in the flowerpot which has already planted a plant, it is indicated "It can't be planted there.", and it can't be planted.
It is good when you are planted when a planted plant dies and has only "the seed picked up".

Either of the plants in "the flower field" is developed from the plant when it registered, and "the seed picked up".
Raise the plant being raised now when it wants to raise a rare plant to the flower, and crossbreeding with other plants.
Then, you can get the seed which succeeded to a parents' gene.

At first you have seeds only two.
Therefore, when it blooms, "the seed picked up" may be sold in the gardening store.
In that case, you can have the seed of the original which made it crossbreeding with the plant which you liked to two.

Q.When a plant is kept in the album, the number of the (maximum) crossbreeding fee is wrong every time.
How is a (maximum) crossbreeding fee decided?
A. A maximum crossbreeding fee is decided by the rarity of the plant at the flowering moment.

A maximum crossbreeding fee is the biggest crossbreeding fee which a user can set up in that plant.
A user can set up the crossbreeding fee of the plant between fifty yen and the maximum crossbreeding fee from his album.
The plant which rare parts are abundant in can set up a high price.
A maximum crossbreeding fee falls down when all crossbreed and the same plant spreads even when it is a rare flower from the first.

Q. Is there a tool which doesn't sell the flowerpot in the gardening store?
A. The kinds which can be purchased when rank rises increase with a tool.

The list of the tool appears when it clicks on the trade name at the gardening store.
Rank which can be purchased in the item of "purchase rank" is indicated.
(Rank rises when the number of plants in the album becomes the number of constants.)
Number to follow in rank's rising and which can be purchased increases with a flowerpot, too.