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Other functions
My garden
The button which does various work exists except that user's information is indicated in My garden.

・A pure plant illustrated book
The image of the pure plant can be read. When these plants bloom, it can get very high evaluation.
The number of kinds of each part in the flower field to hide and which contains a gene is indicated except for The pure plant/Top secret gene in the top page of the illustrated book.
How do you like to try to collect all plant parts in the album with the aim of this number?

・Flower field
It always prepares for many plants in the flower field.
The plant raised from the time when it registered, and the seed picked up grows in either plant which a flower field surely has.
The rare plant which doesn't exist is sometimes born in the flower field by crossbreeding, too.

・Shopping in the gardening store.
It is the place to purchase goods.
A necessary thing is chosen from the goods list, and it can [buy].
Click on the trade name when you want to see the explanation of the goods.
The explanation of the goods is indicated in another window.
And, the number indicated on the right of the trade name in the parenthesis is the biggest number that it can own those goods.

Some seeds to possess and the goods which you have is indicated in the possession goods.
When it clicks on the name, as for the seed, a parents' plant can be confirmed. (It is removed during crossbreeding.) .
Goods and seeds can [sell] at the price indicated, too.

You can leave a gardening store when it clicks on the [Leave a gardening store] button.

・An album is edited.
You can be edited referring to your album.
The headline of the album and a comment can be written to "The headline" in the top and "The comment" freely.
A headline is indicated in a user choice window as well to see the album of other users.
A crossbreeding fee is inputted to the text box of each plant, and you can be changed with a [Change crossbreeding fee] button.
But, a price is between the maximum crossbreeding fees from fifty yen indicated in the right.
A maximum crossbreeding fee is decided by the rarity of that plant.
A high price as a rare plant very can be set up.
You get that crossbreeding fee when other users crossbreed your plant. Therefore, you may get many crossbreeding fees if rare plants are set up cheap.
And, a plant can be deleted with a [Delete the photograph] button.
Click on [ YES ] if you may delete it because a confirmation window comes out when it clicks on the button.

・Open the tool box
Click when you use the goods which you have.
Choose goods to use, and click on the [Use] button.
The seed of the plant can [Sow] in the empty flowerpot or the flowerpot of the plant which died.

Recent news is indicated.

・All album
The album of other users can be referred to.

・The plant of other people
The conditions of the plant of other users can be confirmed.
Choose and see the user whom you want to see from the user choice window.

・Bulletin board
It is a simple bulletin board.
A plant in the album can be attached except that a sentence is written, too.
The writing can be always erased.

An E-mail can be transmitted and received.
Friends may increase when an E-mail is sent when your plant pollinates it with the plant of other users.

・Registration information change
Registration information except for the nickname can be changed.
Click on the [Registration information change] button after the change.
A change is reflected.
All the users' information are erased when it clicks on the [User information erasure] button.
Information such as an album is erased after the erasure, and you can't log in any more.

A game is finished and returned at the top of the homepage.
・A prize of property
The order of the amount of property can be seen.
・A prize of plant collector
The order of the number of plants which bloomed can be seen.
・A prize of plant appraised value
The order of the high plant of the evaluation is indicated.
・A prize of crossbreeding popular plant prize
The order of the number of times that it had crossbreeding done by the plant of other users is indicated. (crossbreeding to the plant which you have isn't counted.)

News and the personal history are indicated in the bottom box.

Rank rises when the plant of the number of constants is kept in the album.
When rank rises, the number of seeds and the number of flowerpots can be increased.